BREAKING NEWS: PULPissimo Released!

This year ETH Zurich and University of Bologna are celebrating 5 years of collaboration on the PULP project, and we will be sharing a number of designs that we have been working on these past years. Today we are happy to announce PULPissimo, a new single-core RISC-V based open-source microcontroller system which is a significant step ahead in terms of efficiency and completeness with respect to the more basic  PULPino.

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PULP – An Open Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Processing-Platform

The PULP platform ( is a joint project between the Energy-efficient Embedded Systems (EEES) group of UNIBO and the Integrated Systems Laboratory (IIS) of ETH Zurich to develop an open, scalable hardware and software research & development platform with the goal to break the pJ/op barrier within a power envelope of a few mW.

PULP includes a state-of-the-art microcontroller system and a multi-core platform able to achieve leading-edge energy-efficiency and widely-tunable performance – both based on the open-source RISC-V instruction set architecure. The aim of PULP is to satisfy the computational demands of IoT applications requiring flexible processing of data streams generated by multiple sensors, such as accelerometers, low-resolution cameras, microphone arrays, vital signs monitors. As opposed to single-core MCUs, a parallel ultra-low-power programmable architecture allows to meet the computational requirements of these applications, without exceeding the power envelope of a few mW typical of miniaturized, battery-powered systems. Moreover, OpenMP, OpenCL and OpenVX are supported on PULP, enabling agile application porting, development, performance tuning and debugging.


PULPissimo is our new single-core RISC-V based microcontroller system, a significant step ahead with respect to the more basic PULPino. It features:

  • Autonomous Input/Output subsystem (uDMA).
  • New memory subsystem.
  • Support for hardware accelerators that access memories directly, so called Hardware Processing Engines (HWPEs) with examples on how to include your own designs.
  • A brand new interrupt controller.
  • Additional peripherals (i.e. parallel camera interface for HIMAX-HM01b0, I2S peripheral supporting up to 4 microphones).
  • New SDK with custom operating-system optimized for UDMA and makefile-based application build process.

You can access PULPissimo directly from our github page ( ). We will be continously updating PULPissimo with code and application examples. Visit our www page ( to learn more, and follow us on Twitter (@pulp_platform). You can also directly submit an issue on if you have questions.


This project is supported, in parts, by EU FP7 ERC Project MULTITHERMAN (GA no. 291125).