May 28, 2015

Tutorial 01: Prepare ADRENALINE environment

To prepare the shell environment for ADRENALINE, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Toolchain for PULP v3 architecture, and uncompress it into a local folder
  2. Set the environment variable OR1K_TOOLCHAIN to the toolchain folder, e.g. export OR1K_TOOLCHAIN=<toolchain folder>
  3. Add the bin folder of the toolchain to the execution path, e.g. export PATH=$OR1K_TOOLCHAIN/bin:$PATH
  4. Download the Adrenaline SDK, and uncompress it into a local folder
  5. Source the env/ file inside the Adrenaline SDK folder, e.g. source <base folder>/adrenaline-sdk/env/


  • Steps 2, 3 and 5 must be executed on every shell environment before using the SDK, so consider to include these commands inside .bashrc or .cshrc!
  • The SDK environment has been fully tested on Ubuntu 14.04, some issues are expected on different distributions.